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Acquisition Opens Up Altmetrics Options

Research Information, October/November 2014.

She [Andrea Michalek] said there is plenty more to do. ‘To this point, we have worked hard on gathering as many metrics about as many research outputs as we could. Now we are moving beyond gathering and organising this information, and are creating ways to make it simpler to gain insight from this raw material in the forms of reports and other mechanisms,’ she noted.

Against the Grain

Analyze This: Altmetrics and Your Collection -- Statistics & Collection Development

Against the Grain by Andrea Michalek & Mike Buschman, April 2014

Looking at alternative metrics can help your collection. By knowing in which journals your faculty publishes, you can ensure that you subscribe to these journals. Not only will your faculty be appreciative of this, but also your students will have access to research that is important to your institution. In addition, you will have a better understanding of the usage and other categories of metrics about your resources beyond your own institution’s COUNTER statistics.

Against the Grain

Altmetrics: A Modern Way to Assess Research and Journals

Editorial Office News of the International Society of Managing and Technical Editors by Andrea Michalek, Mike Buschman & Marianne Parkhill, May 2014

There is good news here for publishers. Altmetrics do not have to be just for authors. Since a metric dashboard such as PlumX consolidates metrics at any level, including journal or issue, publishers have unprecedented information to help manage their publications. They can now answer a series of questions including:
  • How are issues performing over time?
  • Are we recruiting the right authors?
  • Can we tell if a discipline, journal, or author is “on the rise”?
  • Are our competitors promoting their articles and authors better than we are?
  • How do we provide more value to our authors?

The Scholarly Kitchen

Altmetrics Boosted by EBSCO’s Acquisition of Plum Analytics

The Scholarly Kitchen by Judy Luther, February 5, 2014

Plum Analytics’ new position as a wholly owned subsidiary of EBSCO is a significant partnership with far reaching impact that will benefit both companies and advance the development of altmetrics. When a company the size of EBSCO invests in an emerging area it serves as an endorsement of this new field and acknowledges its anticipated potential.

Library Journal

2013 Database Awards: Most Ambitious, PlumX

Library Journal by Elizabeth Michaelson, November 7, 2013

The scholarly landscape is under­going vast changes, with open access revolutionizing how publishing happens and how quickly and easily patrons can access new information and thinking on various topics. Scientific writing is probably the best-known example, with services such as PubMed gaining great attention, but other fields, such as the digital humanities, are not far behind. Still, though, tenure and other professional recognition have tended to be based on traditional metrics such as the impact factor of the journals in which a scholar publishes. Plum Analytics, a company founded in 2011 by entrepreneurs Andrea Michalek and Mike ­Buschman, has started to change all that, leading to its nomination as most ambitious database by LJ’s reviews editor Henrietta Thornton-Verma.

Michalek and librarian Buschman led the team that developed ProQuest’s Summon discovery system; PlumX builds upon their information-retrieval expertise to help academics gather information on all kinds of scholarly activity—from papers in peer-reviewed journals to social media mentions—into a broader picture of an academic’s professional life. A subscribing institution can use PlumX in many ways, from vetting job applicants to forming a “big picture” of the institution’s research activity for funding purposes or to draw students, and individuals who create a profile will have the benefit of getting credit for many more types of work than was possible before.

Library Journal

Reference eReviews: PlumX

Library Journal by Bonnie J.M. Swoger, August 29, 2013

PlumX is an analysis tool aimed at helping libraries and research administrators understand the influence of their researchers’ work by using newer alternative metrics, called altmetrics, alongside traditional measures of research impact...

PlumX seeks to provide administrators with a bird’s-eye view of the influence of their organization or group by providing access to traditional citation metrics and newer alternative metrics in one interface...

PlumX may be of interest to academic libraries, special libraries, research support offices, and anyone seeking to better understand how the research output of their organization is being used.

The Chronicle of Higher Education

New Metrics Providers Help Keep Libraries in the Research-Tracking Game

The Chronicle of Higher Education by Jennifer Howard, June 3, 2013

Timothy S. Deliyannides is director of the office of scholarly communication and publishing at Pittsburgh and head of information technology in the library system there.
A critical part of the library's job is helping the research faculty "understand and be able to measure the impact of their works," he says. "And since much of their work takes place online now, and not just in the cited periodical literature, there are lots of new ways to measure their impact."
"It's really useful for representing the immediacy of impact that was hidden before," Mr. Deliyannides says. The Pittsburgh library has been fairly quiet about the experiment. "We're not really on a crusade to change any of the university's normal processes for tenure or review," Mr. Deliyannides says. "But we hope people will think of new ways to use this data. We do feel it's valid data and something that hasn't been gathered or reported before."


Are Alternative Metrics Still Alternative?

ASIS&T Bulletin by Mike Buschman and Andrea Michalek, April/May 2013

It is not surprising that a metric created in the pre-digital world of the 1960s misses a lot of impact and usage. That failure does not make citation analysis inherently bad; it is still a useful tool. But, it does make it inadequate for a complete picture of the usage and impact both of research articles and other research artifacts. To create that complete picture, Plum Analytics studied all of the ways that research artifacts, from articles to videos and everything in between, are made available and used...
By capturing valuable metrics in all of these categories and creating a more complete representation of research and researchers, Plum is able to provide a more holistic picture than traditional citation analysis. While many will claim that these newer metrics are “alternative,” it is our position that all these metrics are anything but alternative. They are readily available, abundant and essential.

Library Journal

As University of Pittsburgh Wraps Up Altmetrics Pilot, Plum Analytics Announces Launch of Plum X

Library Journal, The Digital Shift by Matt Enis, Feb 5, 2013

Researchers have long contended with a problem with timeliness. Peer-reviewed articles are often published about a year after submission. Likewise, peer-reviewed articles that cite, praise, criticize, or discredit their work won’t appear for at least another year after that. As a result, there can be a lag of three to five years before citations begin offering enough information to indicate the effect that a given piece of research has had on a field. Even then, citations alone may not offer a complete view of the impact of that research. “Measuring the impact of research through the traditional methods—counting citations in published literature—is important, but it doesn’t tell the whole story,” said Timothy Deliyannides, Director of the Office of Scholarly Communication and Publishing and Head of Information Technology for the University of Pittsburgh.

The Scholarly Kitchen

Altmetrics – Trying to Fill the Gap

The Scholarly Kitchen by Judy Luther, July 25, 2012

The most recent entrant in this arena is Plum Analytics, founded by Andrea Michalek and Mike Buschman, who were team leaders in the successful development and launch of ProQuest’s Summon. Andrea is building a “researcher reputation graph” that mines the web, social networks, and university-hosted data to map relationships between a researcher, his institution, his work, and those who engage with it.

Information Today, Inc.

Plum Analytics Maps Success in Open Access Scholarship

Information Today by Barbara Quint, June 28, 2012

According to Rush Miller, university librarian and director at the University of Pittsburgh, the Plum service will “work in tandem with traditional measures to assess the impact of Pitt research in non-traditional venues. These days scholars are no longer waiting to publish their research in formal publications. They’re using Twitter, social networks, blogs, etc. to publish research and thoughts as they occur. Plum will match Pitt’s researchers to their own database.”

Library Journal

Two Architects of Library Discovery Tools Launch an Altmetrics Venture

Library Journal, The Digital Shift by Michael Kelley, May 31, 2012

Two prominent veterans of the library vendor world recently launched a startup company which aims to capitalize on the rapidly flowering field of altmetrics... Altmetrics (short for alternative metrics) provides a new way to measure the impact of scholarly communication. Rather than rely solely on the traditional and slow measure of citations in peer-reviewed articles (the impact factor), altmetrics provides a complementary, instant measurement window that includes all Web-based traces of research communication. It pulls together all the usage data about each individual output a researcher has produced.


Libraries: enacting change

Guest editorial by Plum co-founder, Mike Buschman, in UKSG eNews April 13, 2012

Academic libraries are inherently involved in the research creation process as well as the procurement and collection of research. Thus, they are uniquely positioned to affect change in order to provide science with more timely, open, and modern ways of scholarly communication.

Read the full article...


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