About the company

researcher Cuts in research budgets and shrinking funding sources are creating new pressures on researchers, institutions, and funding bodies. We founded Plum™ Analytics to give researchers and funders a data advantage when it come to conveying a more comprehensive and time impact of their output. We not only measure individual research artifacts, but also amass metrics for labs, departments and other meaningful groups.

notebooks People interact with research output in multiple ways, and it is important to realize the difference between these. We collect impact metrics in 5 major categories: usage, captures, mentions, social media, and citations. More explanation of these categories can be found here.

bar graph Plum Analytics tracks more than 20 different types of artifacts, including journal articles, books, videos, presentations, conference proceedings, datasets, source code, cases, and more.

With our suite of tools, you can answer questions about research that you can't answer today:

  • How do I provide quantifiable research outcomes in pursuit of grant funding?
  • How do I tell how departments or labs measure up to their peers?
  • How do I discover “rising stars” in different research areas for recruiting or co-research purposes?
  • How do I monitor research marketing efforts?

Plum Analytics is an EBSCO Company

About the founders

Andrea Michalek and Mike BuschmanAndrea Michalek and Mike Buschman are both veterans of building technology to help consumers of research. Andrea, with her deep experience in designing and building systems to process big data and Mike with his extensive understanding of librarians, researchers and other consumers of research came together as the perfect duo to tackle assessing research. They could see that over the last two decades how people use research and communicate about research had completely changed. People often learn about and find research though their social media network. They access research through a myriad of sites including open access repositories. Long gone are the days where the only access to research was through a printed journal, yet, the statistics to capture the impact of research had not changed to reflect this. The research community still relies on Citation Counts and Journal Impact Factor to determine the most important and valued research even though those are lagging indicators in a world where timeliness is important. In late 2011, Mike and Andrea founded Plum™ Analytics to figure out more accurate ways of assessing research by analyzing the five categories of metrics:

  • Usage
  • Captures
  • Mentions
  • Social Media
  • Citations

Andrea Michalek

Andrea Michalek is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for building technology solutions that interface between large amounts of data and the people who use them. Early in her career, Andrea was involved in the development of software for medical applications - first with GE and later with Picker International. During the dot-com boom, she worked with a Philadelphia pioneer in the search engine and ecommerce industry, Infonautics. During that period, she successfully launched dozens of web-based products including Electric Library (an online reference product) and Company Sleuth (a financial website), firsts of their kind in the industry. Andrea earned a patent for her work there. Recently, she was Director of Technology for the Summon® web-scale discovery service at Serials Solutions. She is also the former founder and Chief Technologist of EchoFactor, a spin-off division of Infonautics. In 2001, Andrea founded Topular LLC, a consulting practice where she served as an interim technology executive for software companies. Through her consulting, she has helped many startups successfully launch their products.

Andrea was awarded the "Thirty under 30" award in 2001 by Philly-Tech Magazine, as one of top thirty individuals under the age of 30 in the Philadelphia area technology market. She has been quoted in over a dozen business and technology magazines including Forbes.com, Wall Street Journal College Journal, and Small Business Computing. She has held an adjunct faculty position at the Erivan K. Haub School of Business at Saint Joseph’s University. Andrea earned a Bachelor of Science degree in computational biology from Carnegie Mellon University and a Masters of Science in computer science from Villanova University.

Mike Buschman

Mike Buschman is a librarian, who is passionate about libraries, scholarly research, and building great products. After 5 years as the Collections Management Librarian for the Microsoft corporate library, Mike was Program Manager and Technical Evangelist for Microsoft’s Academic and Book Search products. Mike worked with libraries on training and marketing as Client Services Manager for the scholarly society publisher IEEE. Recently, Mike was the Director of Product Management for the Summon® web-scale discovery service at Serials Solutions. He has presented at numerous industry conferences and events, including American Library Association, SLA, Electronic Resources & Libraries, NFAIS, Frankfurt Book Fair, Book Expo America, Bibliothekartag, and the Charleston Conference. In 2005 Mike was named one of Library Journal's "Movers and Shakers." Mike holds a Bachelor of Arts from Emory University and an MLIS from the University of Washington iSchool. Mike lives in Seattle, Washington.