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Plum Analytics Becomes Part of EBSCO Information Services

With this acquisition we are poised for big changes and to grow into a new era of research metrics. Read more on our blog.

PlumX: Most Ambitious Database of 2013

PlumX, the impact dashboard for measuring research output, has recently won Library Journal's award for Most Ambitious Database of 2013.

pieAssess your impact

Cited-by references from high impact journals are just part of the equation. Discover the real impact of your research, including new ways of interaction, sharing, and commenting. See how new methods of communicating research work for you.

searchTrack immediate impact

Find out how people are interacting with, commenting on, and sharing your research—don't wait for years to see what impact your research is having.

megaphoneGain an advantage

Whether you are performing, supporting, or funding research, get an edge as the research environment becomes more and more competitive.

pagesMeasure all of your output

More and more research output is happening outside the traditional journal or book. Work in the formats that are best for the research and still get meaningful impact metrics.

handshakeGroup metrics

Find out how departments, labs, and museums compare. Benchmark against others in your field. Showcase your stars.

doorAnswer important questions

How do I provide quantifiable research outcomes in pursuit of grant funding? How do I discover “rising stars” in different research areas for recruiting or co-research purposes? How do I monitor research marketing efforts?